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(updated December 26th, 2017)

Year-to-Date Views: 817,209 (68% increase from 2016)

Top 10 Pages 2017

  1. 180 School Jokes! Start Your Day with a Smile! (120K+ views) Sponsor this page $25 a month. #1 page for 2016.
  2. 101 Pi Day Jokes: (30K+ views) A very specific target audience, on a very specific day – March 14th. 16,000 views on one day. Our “math” sponsors have enjoyed a great deal of success with this math day.
  3. Teaching Psychology: Psychology Lessons & Ideas: (24.5K views) (Top Psychology Jokes)
  4. Star Wars / Clone Wars: 101 Star Wars Quotes: (15K+ views) (101 Star Wars Jokes) Ambush: “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”
  5. Softball Jokes (#1 Google Search Sports Jokes) (14K+ views) This is ideal for softball companies. How valuable is it to reach “softball” players, coaches and fans who are searching the internet for softball jokes. (#1 Page for Softball Banner Ad)
  6. Electoral College: Highest to Lowest: (13K+ views) With the historic election this is one of the most view pages. Page #1 Google Search!
  7. Top Basketball Jokes (#1 Google Search Sports JokesCoaching Youth Basketball Ideas) (12K+ views)
  8. 101 Mole Day Jokes: (10K+ views)
  9. Summer Jokes for Kids (9.6K+ views)
  10. Revolutionary War Jokes

Other popular pages!

  1. Baseball Jokes (8.3K views) (#1 Google Search Sports Jokes)
  2. Lacrosse Jokes: #1 Google Search Sports Jokes) (6.4K views)
  3. Dr. Seuss Trivia (6K views) (#1 Google Search Page)

Previous top 10!

  1. Cinco De May Jokes: 6,000+ views on May 5th. If you are marketing to Cinco De May fans or have a special promotion. This is an ideal page for you!
  2. Coaching 1st Grade Basketball: 1 Hour Practice Schedule (Coaching Youth Basketball): A simple practice schedule that will guarantee skill development and fun for all skill levels.
  3. Winter Jokes: Great for the entire winter season. Promote you website with daily tweets of the world’s greatest winter jokes!
  4. Ground Hog Day Jokes: A Top Day
  5. March Madness Trivia

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101 Pi Day Jokes (27,536 Views)

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101 Mole Day Jokes (11,836 Views)

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