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Freelance writing jobs from home are some of the most viable opportunities the Internet offer those seeking to supplement their income. But in as much as writing from home is a viable source of primary and secondary income, you also need to know some of the challenges it has and how you can overcome them. The reason here is that a path that is free from challenges and resistance never leads anywhere important. And if you find yourself on a resistance-free path, most likely you are lost or are taking another person’s path.

That is why this post will show you two of the most serious challenges freelance writers face and the best way of resolving them.

  • You are not in a writing mood

It is not every time you feel like getting to that keyboard and keying in strokes. Sometimes you may feel completely dry and you don’t want to see anything that looks like a computer screen. In such moments, what do you do to get your morale back and write since your client will not want to know how you were feeling the previous day?

  • Take a break and unwind

One of the reasons why you may lack the psyche to work on your projects is that you could be suffering from stress or you are fatigued. If you have not been sleeping well or you have been overworking yourself, step back and refresh yourself.

  • Get some workouts

If you do not have stress or mental fatigue, you need to check your inactivity and its effects on your mind. The reason is that your mental alertness has a connection to your physical activity or the lack of it. In such a case, you need to take some time and exercise so that you can allow enough blood to flow into your brain to facilitate quick thinking and other mental processes.

  • Refuel your memory bank

Another possible reason why you may the mood of writing is that your mind could be blank. In such a case, take time and pump enough information into your head so that you don’t rush and write what you don’t know.

  • A blackout of ideas

Running out of writing ideas is another common challenge many writers face along the way. But if you take it positively without beating yourself as if you are a criminal and dumb, you can get over it easily. You can get over this challenge by doing one of the following:

  • Get relevant material

The first cure to this challenge is taking time and reading relevant material concerning the topic or subject you are writing about. This remedy is simple and potent because the sole cure for ignorance is learning. Taking time off your project and gathering material that is more relevant to your assignment will work well for you.

  • Consult a search engine

If you don’t have a relevant piece of material to boost your ideas, you can consult search engines to get more writing ideas.


You are now abreast with the two most common challenges freelance writers face when handling their freelance writing jobs from home. The power is in your hands to solve them more proactively next time they arise