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Writing Advice for College Students

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The power of words is so strong, it can convince others to agree with you or do something you believe is right. Everyone wants to persuade others to believe in his point of view. Persuasion is a strong tool that many people would enjoy, and therefore, this skill is thought in every educational system in the world.

‘It sounds incredibly inviting and rewarding and yet, persuading others is hard. Surely, you cannot manipulate people through writing or force them to agree with you, but you can make them an offer that cannot be refused’ – says Beth Leap, a writing expert at EssayGeek writing service.

When it comes to writing, here are the best tips for a convincing essay.

  1. Storytelling

Remember this technique before you start using the following. If you want to create a brilliant convincing essay, you should aim to combine storytelling with any of the other strategies. Storytelling is the core of persuasion.

Why do we say this?

Because it is exactly stories that allow you to persuade other. You cannot push a decision onto someone, so your goal is to make them decide that you are right on their own. When you tell a great story, you are helping the reader do this.

  1. Giving Reasons Why

No one is going to believe you are right without a reason to believe. People are far more likely to understand your beliefs if you explain them, and the only way to do this is by giving a reason why.

Even if your reason does not make a lot of sense, provide it. Giving reasons why gives others a reason to think about your idea, and this is the first step of persuasion.

  1. Repeating

Learning psychology teaches us that repetition is key to better understanding. Use repetition to convince a person to agree with your words, but make sure you do this by using different approaches.

For example, use a story, add a quote from a famous individual, and repeat your thoughts in the summary.

  1. Being Consistent

Consistency is not only a social trait, but also a great writing skill to use in persuasive essays. An essay that is inconsistent points to instability, and greatly reduces your chances of persuasion.

  1. Using Comparisons

Similes, metaphors and analogies will be your best friend in essay writing. Regardless of the genre, comparisons enrich the text. In a convincing essay, you need to use comparisons to convince people that your way is the better way.

  1. Providing Social Proof

Social proof is not easy to establish in writing, but its force is amazing. People look for guidance from others and follow their actions as long as the social proof is strong. Even if they do not believe in it in the beginning, they are much more likely to accept it if others do it.

Use quotes, referrals and testimonials to provide social proof.

  1. Providing a Glimpse in the Future

Be as credible as you can, but use your imagination to prognosticate in writing. Of course, your predictions for the future are just that – predictions, but these can help people focus on the likely future outcomes. Once they do, they can understand the importance of your idea.

  1. Agitating the Reader

This sounds like a strange and stupid idea, but it is actually an excellent technique to use in convincing essays. As soon as you introduce the problem, agitate the reader with facts, predictions and any other of the techniques above.

When you feel like you have accomplished this, provide the solution that will fix the problem. This should convince the reader that your idea is the best idea.

  1. Addressing the Objections

Don’t leave room for hesitation – address all possible objections to your idea and explain why yours is the best possible option. Otherwise, your readers will consider your idea, but keep thinking ‘yes, but…’

  1. Final Touches

Finally, a convincing essay requires the same as any other essay you will be asked to write. When you are done writing, take care of the final touches.

Proofread, edit, read and reread the essay again. You are done when the essay feels convincing to you, not a moment before.

Author Bio:

Chris Richardson is an editor and a blogger from London. He is passionate about writing, traveling, and photography. Chris loves to meet new people and talk about modern education and technologies.