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This is one of the many great basketball books that we feel are great for youth coaches. Don’t trust us yet? Check out the 5-star Amazon Reviews!

This books is a great starting point for veteran and rookie coaches. It is well organized and provides all you need to have a great season.

We will update each section in more detail in the near future, but if there is one book a youth basketball coach should purchase…. this is it!

Table of Contents

Part I Managing

  1. Responsibilities
  2. Preparations
  3. Game Day

Part II Teaching

4. Offensive Skills

5. Offensive Tactics

6. Offensive Drills

7. Defensive Skills

8.Defensive Tactics

9. Offensive Drills

Part III Practicing

10. Practices for Ages 5 & 6

11. Practices for Ages 7 & 8

12. Practices for Ages 9 & 10

13. Practices for Ages 11 & 12

14. Practices for Ages 13 & 14

Appendix: Checklists and Forms 246

About the Authors 252