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Lora Jonson is an active guest post writer and she works as a content manager. She believes that her articles help people to be more productive and achieve success in their life. Besides, she is interested in painting, traveling and self-improvement. Her life credo is “Be, do and have what you’re here for.”

There are numerous techniques that one can apply in writing to make the process easier. In most cases, it depends on the task at hand. Most of the time we flesh out our content using information from other sources. Essay help is a great option too!


However, this comes with the challenge of plagiarism. It is where you use the ideas of another without acknowledging the source of that information. Different strategies can be used to avoid this, including having to reword essay.

Is There a Difference between Rewording and Paraphrasing?

The two words can be used interchangeably, but there exist minor differences between these techniques. As a verb, rewording is to change words used in a particular statement. In that, you state an existing text using different words or simpler ones.

On the other hand, paraphrasing involves restating a piece of text. Here, you rewrite the content by sentence.

Pro Tips in Rewording Essay

1. Read First

It helps you gain an understanding of what the original text is about. Thus, you can use this knowledge to rewrite the words used. If you aren’t confident about the information gathered, reread the passage.

2. Use Your Own Words

The keyword here is to reword a sentence. Use your comprehension of the meaning of the material to achieve this. A thesaurus may prove useful in finding a word that conveys the same sense.

Use it in place of the existing word in the sentence.

3. Replace existing words with their synonyms

The English language has several words that convey the same meaning. However, in using synonyms, you need to pick one that best expresses the intended message. Some may alter the purpose, while others may not adequately communicate the idea that you want to share.

4. Compare Texts

Remember, you need to restate the words used. However, when you do this sentence by sentence, chances are, you may use the same words as the author. In turn, this would lead to plagiarism, something you should stay away from, entirely.

Rewording Text as a Paraphrasing Technique

5. Take Note of the Main Ideas

It’s all about conveying the same meaning of the original, but using your own words. Noting down the main ideas of the material will guide you in rewriting the text. It would be best if you did this without looking at the original.

More so, in paraphrasing, the ideas matter more than the words used. Therefore, you only need to get the idea behind the text and use your own words to express it.

6. Do it by Paragraph and not Sentence

In both methods, you need to read and understand the material first. Many, however, choose to rephrase text from one sentence to another. It often leads to copying the same pose or choice of words by the author.

To avoid this, rephrase the given texts one (or several) paragraphs to another.

7. Change Structure

It refers to the logical assembly of the sections and sentences of the original. You can mix these up, to help you craft a unique material. All the same, you still need to ensure that your final copy has a natural flow and is easy to understand.

8. Add your Ideas

You can personalize content by adding your thoughts to it. It is a way to improve the already existing content. You can disagree or add to the arguments of the author.

Here, the existing content acts as your reference. Therefore, you won’t be merely restating what already exists.

Polishing Up Reworded Content

9. Proofread

Yes, you have to go back to the rephrased text and check to ensure that you apply the rules of Grammar and Spelling. Use a Grammar Checker tool or have someone you are comfortable with, to go through it.

10. Convey the Same Meaning

In both, rewording and paraphrasing, you are only communicating the same meaning as the original text. Depending on the instructions, you may have room to add your ideas. However, you should confirm if this is permitted, first.

Final Notice on Rewording Content

A vast vocabulary is useful when you have to reword something. Therefore a dictionary and thesaurus at hand could prove helpful. Get a copy, and try using the above tips for useful rewording.