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The Human Resources Administration  consists of the organization, development, planning and coordination of strategies to promote the efficient performance of personnel, considering the organization a means that allows workers to achieve their individual objectives, directly or indirectly related to the work.

The functions performed by the human resources administrator are as important as the productive area of ​​any company, since it sees the use and improvement of the capacities and abilities of the collaborators, generally in relation to the factors that surround the organization, in order to achieve an individual benefit and the same company.

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Although it is necessary to be clear that their functions depend on the type of organization to which they belong, among the most essential the following stand out:

■  Recruit and select the right personnel for each position. Once selected, it manages the contracting and signing of a contract.

■ It trains and develops programs, courses and any activity that improves the knowledge of the personnel, being necessary in any area.

■ Supervises the administration of test programs.

■ Keep track of promotions, evaluating with area supervisors or department heads who are fit to scale within the company.

■ It is responsible for the loans that are granted to workers.

■ Recreates and motivates for performance inside and outside the work area, mainly working on talent retention .

The objectives of the human resources department derive from the general objectives of the company and these may vary with respect to its mission and vision, some examples are the following:

•         Corporate objectives:

                   It seeks to contribute to the success of the organization.

•         Functional objectives:  

                  The contribution of the department to the needs of the organization is maintained, being an absolute priority.

•         Social objectives:

                   Ethically and socially responds to the challenges presented by society in general, minimizing the tensions or negative demands that this can exert on the company.

•         Personal objectives:

                   Each of the collaborators has certain personal goals, the human resources department must support the aspirations of those who make up the company, thus contributing to the common goal of achieving organizational goals.

It also seeks to use resources effectively, collaborate with the company in obtaining benefits and provide strategies and tactics for cases of application or reduction of the organization.

Ideal profile of a Human Resources Manager

Depending on the size of the organization, human resources managers are responsible for the tasks that correspond to the processes of recruitment, training, performance management, communication, coaching, benefits, work environment and team building. To deal with the above functions, they must comply with a work profile.


For a long time professionals in the area of ​​human management fulfilled a transactional role within organizations: they were in charge of hiring personnel and making payroll payments on time. Nothing else. However, now it has a much more strategic role that positions them as an indispensable Ally Financial for any company. The person occupying this position must meet a professional profile framed in the areas of human resources, industrial psychology or organizational psychology. In addition, you must have five to seven years of experience in various HR positions.


Professionals from different areas work in management positions within the area of ​​Human Resources. However, beyond the academic training, it is also important that those who are the link between the executive level and the collaborators, have an advanced level of development in these competences:


The best human resource managers are a reference for leadership. They focus on the people who make up the organization and know how to guide them to achieve great results.

Strategic thinking

Managing human talent is not a simple task . The HR professional must carry out processes of different nature based on the identification of opportunities and areas for improvement.

Effective communication

Communication is the basis for a motivated and committed team . For this the manager must promote the creation of communication channels where everyone can express themselves.

Commitment and ethics

Employees feel a special appreciation for managers who are transparent in their way of proceeding. It is essential to project transparency in the treatment provided to each collaborator.

High level of emotional intelligence

In workplaces where computers and technological devices abound, HR leaders are responsible for providing humanity and sensitivity to companies.

Looking to the future

The world changes daily, it is an inevitable reality. Faced with this scenario, the leader of human management must identify opportunities and take precedence over new developments, choosing the most appropriate tools to cover the needs of his company.