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Yes, writing exercises often bring out fear in us. More so, the difficulty arises when you have to write about yourself. In a college application, most students exert their efforts in the personal statement.

However, the college essay can make or break your chances of getting that coveted admission. While you can get experienced Australian essay writers, to do the hard work for you; you should be able to distinguish an attention-grabbing essay from one that will be thrown to the rejection pile.

Here’s what you should consider incorporating into your college application essay:

• Use a Compelling Introduction

Aside from the Topic of this article, the introduction is what lures you to keep reading. The same applies to your content. An excellent introduction will help you catch the attention of the reader.

Keep them engaged by starting with a vivid paragraph. Let it reveal to the admissions officer what the essay will address. You should aim at helping the reviewers of the composition to get to know you.

Open with a compelling story or an anecdote. It allows you to involve the reader in the story.

• Choose an Interesting Topic

If it doesn’t pique your interests, chances are, it will have the same effect on the reader. Whatever you write about should matter to you, it could be a book you read. Give the admissions officers something to be excited about.

Share a personal experience, explore your conflicting emotions on an issue, and demonstrate nuanced thinking. Focus on how you describe these issues. Help the readers learn about you.

• Support your Ideas with Examples

It’s not enough to state facts in your Australian essay. Give the content credibility by developing your ideas and including specific details. Find a connection between the essay question and your qualities.

Write from that angle. Show the reader how you came to develop a specific belief. The essay gives the reviewers a glimpse of your view of the world and the workings of your mind.

• Follow Instructions

Reading through the instructions, carefully, should be the first step you take before you start jotting down your ideas. The essay instructions will be the basis for the final draft of the material; even if you use essay writing Australia services. Stick to the page and word count, if there’s any.

You should demonstrate to the admissions committee that you can follow instructions. That’s what’s required of a student. Create an outline of the final submission, and then put down your responses.

• Demonstrate Self-awareness

As you detail your thoughts in the essay, refrain from boasting. Well, no one can argue about your stellar accomplishments. However, they are all outlined in the rest of the college application.

You can let some of your imperfections to seep through, but use them to your advantage. Think about a time you made a mistake or faced an obstacle. With humility show the lessons you learned and how you overcame.

Be honest about who you are. The emphasis should be on how you frame the topic, and not the issue itself. It’s what makes your essay interesting.

• Avoid Clichés

It is advisable to sample great pieces and gain inspiration from them. However, many students tend to allow themselves to use clichés to impress the reader. Finding an original angle will make you stand out from other applicants.

The admissions officers have a few minutes to go through each essay. Grab their attention by giving a unique perspective. Avoid using figures of speech that you often see in print, too.

• Don’t Forget to Proofread

An essential part of the writing process. It helps you ensure that the final submission is excellent. Go over what you have written and possibly after taking a break. It allows you to review the work with a fresh mind.

Once done, it doesn’t hurt to get a fresh set of eyes to go through the content, one last time. Check and rectify any grammar errors, and even wrong punctuation. You want the reader to view you as a person who pays attention to detail.

A teacher can also proofread the work for you to see if the essay sounds like you.


Your college application essay is a piece of the larger admission puzzle. Make a move that counts.