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Google Search “Top Alabama Twitter Accounts”

Rank is determined by:

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  1. Alabama Football @AlabamaFTBL (1M followers) Tuscaloosa, AL
  2. Alabama Athletics @UA_Athletics (401.3K followers) Tuscaloosa, AL
  3. The Univ. of Alabama @UofAlabama (172.6K followers) Tuscaloosa, AL
  4. Learning for Justice @learnforjustice (116.8K followers) Montgomery, AL
  5. Sweet Home Alabama @TweetHomeAla (24.2K followers) Alabama
  6. Alabama Education Association @myAEA (6.7K followers) Montgomery, AL
  7. Alabama State Parks @ALStateParks (4.1K followers) Montgomery, AL.
  8. Alabama Department of Archives and History @AlabamaArchives (3K followers) Montgomery, Alabama
  9. Ala Historical Com @AlaHisCom (2.3K followers)