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More Texas Jokes

  1. My friend asked me what I thought about the state North of Texas… I told him it’s OK! (Oklahoma Jokes)
  2. What did the Texan say every time he ordered apple pie at a restaurant?… Remember the à la mode! (Ice Cream Jokes)
  3. The waitress brought me the wrong order at Texas Road House, and I told her it was a Miss Steak. She shook her head, sighed, and told me, “Steak jokes are a rare medium well done.”
  4. Where in America should you go to feel good about yourself and life?… Fort Worth Texas! (Psychology Jokes)
  5. What is the Texas state slogan?… Oils well that ends well. (Earth Day Jokes)
  6. We’re in Houston, so don’t call us… Just Texas.
  7. I have the heart of a lion… And a lifetime ban from the Fort Worth Zoo(Zoo Jokes & 10 Best Texas Zoos)
  8. Why was the delegation from the Dallas Dyslexic Republican Association turned away from the Republican National Convention?… Their placard read: ‘We love Taxes.’ (Election Jokes)
  9. Why shouldn’t people from Texas be allowed to drive?… Because they’re always Texan and driving. (Car jokes)
  10. What would you call south Texas in a heat wave?… Corpus Crispy. (Heat Wave Jokes)