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More Octopus Jokes… (Octopus Jokes)

  1. Why did the octopus beat the shark in a fight?… Because the octopus was well armed. (Shark Jokes & Boxing Jokes)
  2. Why did the octopus blush?… He saw the bottom of the ocean. (Ocean Jokes)
  3. What do you call 8 x 3.14?… Octopi. (Pi Day Jokes)
  4. Who was the most infamous pirate octopus?… Captain Squid. (Pirate Jokes)
  5. What do you call an octopus musician?… A rocktopus. (Music Jokes)
  6. What do octopus knights wear?… A coat of arms. (Knight Jokes) & Biology Jokes)
  7. Why did the octopus cross the road?… To get to the other TIDE!!!
  8. What do you call 2 octopuses that look exactly the same?… Itenticle.
  9. How do young fish get to school?… By octobus. 
  10. What would be good about crossing a turkey with an octopus?… Everyone would get a drumstick on Thanksgiving.