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National Parks Service: American Revolution Lessons

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The National Parks Service has great lessons for U.S. History. We will try to provide teachers with useful tips on how best to incorporate these materials into a U.S. History class. Please check back for updates and new ideas.

Page 1: “Honored Places” Title Page with portrait of George Washington. Also on this page are drawings and quotes. The National Park Service teacher’s guide the American Revolution

Page 2: Another picture with a quote

Page 3: Project Manaager with other key support. A list of contributers / reviewers

Page 4: Table of Contents

Page 5: Director’s letter to educators. (January 2007) Could be used with class as a primary source. Analyze the audience (teachers).

Page 6: Foreward

Page 7: Blank Page

Page 8 – 9: Introduction: This may be a good resource for class. Great background for teachers.

Page 10: Goals of Honored Places Teacher’s Guide: A great guide for teachers. It is really helpful as you prepare to use this unit with your students.