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Getting back to work after having a baby can be a bit of a task since you will need to coordinate several things, including figuring out a new schedule and choosing the best possible daycare for your precious little one. According to, after mortgage payments, childcare is the biggest household expense, so it is even more important to find a good daycare center that is worth the expense. Some tips on how to select the ideal daycare from people who have years of experience in taking care of small children:

Safety, Especially When Sleeping 

Undoubtedly the most important thing that you would want to ensure when your baby is in daycare is safety, especially when they are sleeping, which can be a significant amount of time for the little one. Ideally, the cribs should be see-through so that that staff can keep a watch on the baby every moment. Find out how they are putting them to sleep in the cribs; ideally, they should be sleeping on their back on a firm surface without any blankets, pillows, or toys accompanying them.

Child and Parent-Friendly Staff

One of the most important considerations of choosing a good daycare center is the quality of the teachers and the staff. You must get the confidence that they genuinely love children and are prepared to pull out all stops to ensure that they are safe and undergo a quality time at the facility that will lay the foundation for the development of self-confident, curious, and balanced children. You will feel more confident if you see that the teachers are willing to spend time with you and answer all your questions patiently. It is a sign that they will continue to maintain a dialog with you even after you have enrolled your child. Find out whether they have a system of frequent face-to-face meetings and whether you can stop by at any time to discuss the progress of your baby or any issues of concern. A daycare like Karter Schools Day care in Virginia that has an open-door policy is ideal.

Clean, Tidy, and Hygienic 

Look at only daycare centers that are clean, tidy, and maintain a high level of hygiene so that you know that your baby will not be exposed to health issues. You can expect a certain amount of clutter with toys and everything but the staff should be conscious about picking up after the completion of each activity. Spick and span classrooms and general areas are a good sign that the management knows the importance of cleanliness. See whether the facility practices a shoe-free policy especially in the area reserved for infants who love nothing better than to crawl to explore and widen their horizons. 


If you have managed to find a daycare that seems to check off all the boxes, the final thing you should check out is whether they have a license to operate as a daycare center in the state and if they are also accredited to any of the bodies like The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) to be sure that your baby will be safe and happy.