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The stationary dribble march is one of the best drills for players learning how to dribble the ball. Organize your team on the baseline or sideline. Have the players start dribbling with their strong hand. On your command have the players lift up the opposite leg and dribble the ball under the leg to the other hand.

After the players have dribbled the ball for a few times, have them lift up the opposite leg and dribble the ball to the other hand. As players improve limit the amount of side dribbles. The ultimate goal is to be able to dribble the ball between the legs with no side dribbles. *

Once players master the Dribble March, they should move onto the Dribble Walk.

* “side dribbles” is the the term to describe the dribbles that are used in between dribbling the balls between the legs. The goal is to reduce the number of side dribbles to zero. Do not rush developing players to eliminate the side dribble to soon.