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  1. Why are croissant jokes always funny?…… Because they never get mold!
  2. What did the bag of flour say to the croissant?…… “I saw you yeasterday”
  3. Why don’t croissants like warm weather?…… Things get Toasty! (Summer Jokes)
  4. Why do bakers give women on special occasions?…… Flours! (Valentine’s Day Jokes)
  5. What do the croissant say to the chicken?…… LETS GET BREADDDDYYY TO CRUMMBBLLEEEEE
  6. Two Croissants walking across Union Street, One gets hit by a bus. The other one says, Oh Crumbs!
  7. Two croissants are in an oven and one says, “Wow, it’s hot in here!” and the other croissant says, “Oh my gosh, a talking croissant