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I know you’ve heard this mentioned over and over.

Your favorite gurus say it.

You’ve seen it appear in hundreds of articles.

YouTube’s flooded with videos where these same words were repeated.

It has turned into a catch phrase.

Even your mom knows it.

Are you curious to know what this is?

Here it is: Content is king.

Since content is king, it’s got to have some regal flavor. That means it has to be valuable, rank on the first page of Google and be capable of winning the hearts of your target audience.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to create that kind of content. And guess what? Not everyone has the time to put in that effort. What then can you do?

  1. Leverage on existing great content

There are millions of quality content out there. So why struggle creating new ones? This may sound a little cheesy to you but this genius tip could take you farther than you think.

Take for example a long detailed article on How to Outrank Big Companies When You Have No SEO Budget by Neil Patel. You can tell this article has a lot of value. He went in depth about the subject. And it’s engaging enough to have loads of comments.

You can make great content out of this article just by changing the format. That article can be converted into a detailed and well-illustrated infographic. You’re not changing, adding or subtracting from the article. You can even condense it into a bunch of slides that can be consumed on SlideShare. The options are basically endless.

You’re just turning it into a piece of content that can be consumed a different way. Of course, never forget to acknowledge the source of the content.

2. Interview people who can deliver value

Do you know an expert who can deliver something of value to your target audience? One of the easiest and quickest ways to create original yet valuable content is to interview someone who can deliver the chops.

Record the interview and simple transcribe the audio or get someone else to handle the audio transcription.

The transcribed interview can be used as an article or even a lead magnet for your audience to love and devour.

3. Create a roundup

Just like the second method above, you’ll need to reach out to someone – or in this case, some people. These people you reach out to are experts in their field.

Shoot them an email asking if they’d be interested to be part of your roundup, tell them what the roundup is about and the specific question you want them to answer.

A roundup is basically a collection of information from different sources. So, the responses you get from your email can be compiled into a roundup that will be of value to your audience.

The best thing about this method is that it gives your content some credibility because you’ll be sharing information from experts. Who wouldn’t find that valuable?