Bill Burkhead: Massachusetts Educator of the Month

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A twitter profile is limited, so in the the upcoming weeks we will be listing interviews with some of the members on our list.

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What is your current job of position?

Principal at Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA

What is your educational background?

I have BS in PE & MS in HE from Springfield College, MA. I also have a CAGS degree in Educational Leadership from Bridgewater State College, MA.

I have been fortunate enough to have had a variety of teaching and administrative positions at all levels (K-12) in my career. I have LOVED them all equally! I have been a Health Teacher, PE teacher, Adjustment Counselor, Athletic Director, Wellness Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal.

Describe your educational philosophy and educational vision?

My personal and school visions, values and core beliefs can be found here: Vision, Values & Core Beliefs

How do you grow and engage your professional learning network?

By building professional relationships in person and through social media.  I enjoy reading the wealth of information via social media and I also like to share through blogging, tweeting, google circles/hangout, online book chats, attending unconferences/conferences and staying relevent in education.

What is the greatest benefit of your professional network?

Cerebral Stimulation.  I believe in “walking the walk” by backing up your philosophies with daily action.  If I preach to teachers and students that is important to read, write, communicate, debate and continue to learn; then I should be doing the same.  My PLN keeps me active in learning and acts as a terrific resource.  I can think of no better way to model life long authentic learning.

If you blog, what is the focus of it? How long have you been writing? Who is you audience?

As educators it’s important that we sharpen our skills at writing, by putting our thoughts to paper (or web). Exposure to the social media world enabled me to read hundreds of outstanding blog posts by educational professionals from all over the world. What a great concept-communicate your thoughts and passions to thousands of people, while sharpening your writing skills as a professional: Blogging!  My focus is on kids and learning.  I love to tell true stories of how kids learn and succeed, they have the happiest endings! I began writing on my blog over 2 years ago, and highly recommend it to my colleagues. My audience is anyone interested in education, learning and children.

Bill wrote a great Guest Blog for us: All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1″

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